Monday, December 5, 2011

Ted returned home from the UK on Sunday night - I looked after the girls so that Jenn & Ted could have dinner together. On Monday Ted did the school run, and Jenn myself and Victoria met with Katie, Linda & Bec for lunch. We managed to find time to do a spot of shopping - Jenn had me in fits of laughter, when she decided to try on hats!!!!!

This week was the lead up to Thanksgiving, so there was much planning to do ! Turkey & Ham to buy, along with lots of other goodies. Couldn't believe that there is actually a Ham Shop !!!Wednesday Night, Jenn started making here Pumpkin Pie & Pecan Pie - all didn't go quite to plan with the Pumpkin Pie, so Ted did a late night run to Farm Fresh for more supplies, to do it again!! Thursday morning Ted was busy tryig to gather all the leaves - I now really understand why it is called "Fall" in the USA. Every where is just covered with leaves !
Jenn & I made place cards for dinner in the shape of a turkey (by tracing around Charlotte's hand, and dipping her fingers in paint for the feathers. The table looked great, and we had a lovely dinner with Katie & JT, Linda & Hux, Charlotte, Victoria & Jayden. Turkey, Ham, mashed 0otato, brocolli, sweet potato & marshmallow casserole (interesting) To say nothing of JT's Moose Milk, which was very yummy, but also very potent !!After dinner, Treena, Tony Shirley & John arrived for a few drinks. A great day & night was had by all