Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cruise - Bergen 7.7.17

We arrived in Bergen after  a nights smooth sailing.  We left the ship at around 9am to explore the town of Bergen.  We decided not to book an excursion, as we just thought we would wander around the town.  We stopped for coffee in a cafe of a hotel, where we met anAustralian couple from Melbourne.  The man was eventually heading to the UK to play in the over 70's Hockey tournament for Australia.  The suggested we head to the fish market - as it was definitely worth a look.


The Fish Market was amazing, but didn't have the normal fish market smells !!! The majority of the stalls were cooking as well selling the fish, prawns.  There was the largest live crab we have have seen!!! There was also a some huge fish.
 Bergen is a lovely town, we would like to have gone up the vehicular, but it was closed !!We had limited time in Bergen only 5 hours.

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