Saturday, July 1, 2017

London 30/6/17

Our first stop today was the Royal Courts of Justice.

We did not know what to expect, but on entering we were awestruck by the Cathedral like structure of the main hall.  It is huge, but unfortunately photos were not allowed.  We would have loved to take photos of the ceiling and particularly the mosaic floor.  It is a fine example of Gothic revival, however was opened by Queen Victoria.  Upstairs there numerous court rooms, all relatively small, and the majority were in use, as this is a working Courthouse.  Across the road is The George Hotel, which is one of London's oldest hotels, and predates the Royal Courts of Justice.

Back on the bus to Covent Garden, in search of the London Transport Museum.  Easy to find as it is located in the Old Covent Garden Flower Market.

What a great museum !!! Starting from the 1800's through to the present day transport in London.  It included everything from horse drawn trams, to the earliest of buses and trains.

It showed the development of the railway and bus networks, which in London is super extensive, it has over 8000 Red Buses on over 700 routes

We then wandered through the Jubilee Market before heading to the National Gallery. We spent a couple of hours wandering from Room to Room. The Gallery holds some of the World's greatest artworks, which includes some of our favourite paintings by Gainsborough, Turner, and Monet to name but a few.

On leaving the National Gallery, just across the road, is the church of St Martin's in the Field. Wow !! did we strike it lucky !!! We walked in to the final rehearsal for that nights concert of Bach, Vivaldi and Handel.  It was just amazing to listen too, and to watch them work through the performance.  The acoustics in the church are remarkable, hence why it is used as a performance space and recording studio.
                                                               The view from the Steps of the National Gallery

THEN - back to Covent Gardens for Diner at Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant.  It was bloody marvellous !!! we sat with a view to the kitchen, which was amazing.  The service was terrific and the food was delicious - all at a reasonable price.

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