Tuesday, July 4, 2017

London 2/7/17

Today went to Brick Lane Market, not far from our apartment.

The atmosphere was fantastic. There were stalls selling everything toys, hats, clothes, and much more.  There were buskers playing all through the markets.  One in particular was really amazing, he definitely was a 1 man band, and he gathered quite a crowd.

The food hall smelt incredible and the choice of food ranged from North Africa, the Middle East, Chinese, Thai, Mexican all cooked on the spot.  We ate Mexican which was true Mexican !!! We wandered further through the market and then caught the bus to the Borough Market on the South Bank in Southwark.  Unfortunately, it closes at 1pm on Sunday as it is purely a food market !!! Across the road to a pub for a beer ! In talking to one of the locals, John asked where the George Inn was ? Lucky for us it was just around the corner.  John had been wanting to go to the George Inn, due to the fact that it is the only intact Coaching Inn left in London.

It belongs to the National Heritage and is managed by one of the big breweries in UK.  It was built in 1676, and fortunately, as it was on the south side of the Thames River, it escaped the Great Fire of London.  As it was a beautiful summers afternoon, we sat in the courtyard and had a drink, before going upstairs to the Gallery Restaurant for an early dinner.  It was evident that we were sitting in a room that was built in 1676.

The food was good and the lady that served us was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble, and we found out during a conversation that she was one of the live-in staff, and had lived there for the past 20 years.
From here we caught a taxi to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, to watch Romeo and Juliette.

It was modern production, but we really enjoyed it.
We caught the ferry back to Tower Bridge and then the bus to the apartment.  We called in to the Mini Supermarket, that is beside the apartment block. that we had been into every morning and night since we arrived, to check the balance on the Oyster Card, and supplies for breakfast, and just to have a chat to the man we had become friendly with :)

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